By: Dr. Glenn Mollette

Allen, Kentucky is a place that holds fond memories for me. When I was only sixteen years old, Allen Baptist Church invited me to speak for a weekend youth event. I had the opportunity to meet and work with over a hundred people from the Allen community. Lasting friendships were made with some of the finest people on earth. To this day, the kindness and fellowship bestowed on me by that group of people were instrumental in my life’s direction.

Sadly, even the finest communities and dearest people on earth can experience pure hell. Mental illness erupted as Floyd County police officers were shot dead in Allen last week. According to news reports they were trying to serve a warrant to a man accused of domestic violence.

Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt said the officers faced “pure hell” when they arrived at the man’s home.

Four other people were injured at the scene in Allen, a small town of 166 people located just outside of Prestonsburg.

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