By: Frank Burkett

Definition of hearing:The purpose of a hearing is to provide the opportunity for each side of a dispute, and especially a person who may be deprived of his or her rights, to present its position. A hearing, along with notice, is a fundamental part of procedural due process. I will add, (or someone to speak up for the accused). Did anyone see or hear any rebuttal witness?

Right away the deck was stacked against, former president Donald Trump, at the investigation. The Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, selected five Republican representatives. Nancy Pelosi rejected Jim Banks and Jim Jordon, because of their support of Donald Trump. When, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, wouldn’t let  Kevin McCarthy choose those two, Banks and Jordon for the hearing, he withdrew all of them. Then Pelosi selected two Republicans, in name only, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Now, Nancy says we have a bi-partisan committee, which is a joke. Adam Schiff, who lied to Congress, and promised the goods on Donald Trump at his impeachment, but didn’t, sits there making a mockery of this committee, in my opinion. Actually they made Liz Cheney vice-chair, just to show how fair, (smile), the hearing will be. I have watched some of it, and most I have watched, there’s Liz. She may have trouble retaining her seat, even if she runs as a Democrat, which she seems to be.

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