During this Covid-19 staycation summer, Kit and I took a trip down memory lane along Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail while celebrating his birthday here at Boomerang Creek. And should you, dear reader, want to take this road trip yourself in safer times, here is the journey in a nutshell.

From Boone County, MO, the trip by car to Louisville is under seven hours. If you love rivers as Kit and I do, you will cross the Missouri, the Mississippi, and the O-high-O along the way.

I-64 across southern Illinois and Indiana is a section of the Eisenhower Interstate Highway bordered by lush fields of corn and soybeans laid out on a Grant Wood canvas.  Meticulously maintained two-story, white wooden farmhouses surrounded by mature trees are perched with their barns and grain silos on knolls set in wide-open landscapes largely unbroken by forest.  This is the heart of the Corn Belt, no doubt about it. 

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By Cathy Salter

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