By: Carson Blake

Southern Boone County is taking action to bring technical education and training to essential workers in the Mid Missouri area in a partnership with Ranken Technical College.

An EDA grant was originally submitted for a 90/10 split at an estimated $6.2 million project to develop the area and building for Ranken Technical College. Located east of Highway 63 across from Salter Lawn. The EDA grant countered to cover $4.5 million of the project leaving a $1.7 million funding gap.

To move forward in the process and secure the $4.5 million from the EDA, the project needs to guarantee the $1.7 million can be covered by September 18, 2020.

“We can not raise the money by the deadline set by the EDA. Several meetings with groups have happened and we think we have a well educated and motivated group to help raise money to fill that gap. We are hoping we never have to touch it [city funds] because we want to have grants and major donations but the EDA needs the guarantee,” said Ashland City Administrator Tony St. Romaine.

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