By: Travis Naughton

Former Boone County Journal publisher Bruce Wallace, a good friend of mine, just called a minute ago to catch up and to make sure I’m doing okay. It was great to hear a friendly voice, and it was down right medicinal to laugh out loud as we swapped stories. His was the fourth or fifth phone call I received in the last week or two from a friend or family member who was concerned about me. I appreciate Bruce and everyone who has reached out to me recently. To them I would like to give my sincerest thanks.

Mental Health Awareness Month is a great time to check in on loved ones who might be struggling with their emotional wellbeing. It’s also an opportunity for all of us to do mental health self-assessments. In the past, I have written extensively about navigating life as a recovering alcoholic and someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Those two issues are tough to handle on their own, but when I am forced to deal with other emotional crises as they come along, doing so as a bipolar alcoholic makes it incredibly daunting.

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