By: Frank Burkett

I listened to President Biden speaking this Tuesday morning, and he sounded truly like a Republican candidate campaigning for any high office in our Country. His many remarks were of Republicans wanting to raise taxes. That, to me sounds like the campaigning of a Republican. His speech targeted Senator Rick Scott’s agenda, at collecting taxes from many non taxpayers that benefit from present individuals, that pay taxes. As usual, as Liberals do, he painted Senator Scott’s remark with a broad brush, indicating all Republicans are for raising taxes. Joe knows that, that is one of two Democrat themes, tax and the other, spend.

He targeted Senator Scott’s tax remarks, as “ULTRA MEGA”. That is a new Democrat phrase, to emphasize that Republican lawmakers are under Donald Trump’s thumb. True, Donald Trump has many Republican followers, and I ask, why wouldn’t they? I also think, many that voted for Joe Biden would have changed their vote, if they knew then, what they know now. But would it have been enough to overturn the election? I think it would, but chances are, the powers that be would somehow have found some ballots hidden in a closet somewhere.

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