By: Frank Burkett

The numbers aren’t exact I am sure, but I have researched the best I could to arrive at the following numbers. Do we believe the numbers that this Regime presents to us? My answer is a resounding NO. A point that I am making is that anyone can skew numbers to meet their agenda, and if you allow me, I will put the numbers out there and you decide. I asked Google how many people in the U.S. are unemployed? The answer was, depends on who you ask. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, reports 12,600,000 unemployed. An article in a Columbia newspaper stated, we had 10,600,000 job openings, (same as unemployed). In that same article, it stated that 4,500,000 million Americans, or 3% of our work force quit their jobs in November. Following is my math, with numbers Googled and researched by other means.

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