By: Dr. Don Kuehle

Once upon a time, long ago, a Father had many children; he loved them all very much. He lived on a pallacial estate, in a multi-room mansion. He had his office in the Great Room; the room was lighted by a myriad of beautifully decorated candles hanging from a grand crystal chandelier. The Father called one of his sons, Abraham, into his office. He said: “I’ve chosen you for a special purpose; you, and your descendents will play a unique role in restoring humankind and renewing my creation.” Then the Father took a candle from the chandelier, handed it to his son saying: “Because you have loved me above all else, because you have faith in my judgments and decisions, you will be an example to all my children; you, and your descendents, will be a light for people in every nation.”

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