By: Frank Burkett

How and why I started writing about my Conservative views, for the public to read. I am sure there are grammar mistakes, and that some readers agree with my views, while others that do not. That is okay with me too. My honest opinions are bared for all too see, and I hope no one questions my love of God, family and the United States of America. I wasn’t the only one of my family that loved our Country. During WWII a sister, worked in shipyards. Those women were called admirably, Rosie the Riveter. My dad was a cook in the constructions of airports and the Alaska Canada highway, for defense of our country. My mother’s six sons all served in the military, four in WWII with one giving his all. Two other sisters, one to young and the other raising a family. Most other families were like ours, sacrificing sons and daughters to the war front, helping in anyway they could. They were and always will be known as ‘The Greatest Generation.’

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