By: Travis Naughton

As much as we were all looking forward to celebrating Betty White’s 100th birthday on January 17, (and as sad as we all were to see her go,) it turns out that the legendary Hollywood actress and pop culture icon did us a tremendous favor by passing away on New Year’s Eve. Betty, a comedic genius, always had an uncanny sense of timing, and she knew exactly what she was doing we she left us on December 31. Let’s face it; 2021 was rough. Over 400,000 Americans died of Covid-19, thousands of treasonous criminals mounted an insurrection at the U.S. capitol, dozens of tornadoes and hurricanes ravaged entire communities, and devastating wildfires scorched tremendous swaths of the American West. I think it’s safe to say that most of us were ready to close the book on 2021. Betty White’s passing was a terrible loss for humanity, and because it happened on December 31, it came as the final punctuation mark at the end of the sad, tragic, and spiritually draining story that was 2021. By timing her death perfectly, Betty ensured that 2022 would not begin with yet another loss. Instead, 2022 has begun, as it should, with optimism and the opportunity for a fresh start.

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