Dr. Glenn Mollette

Recently, in a Mexican restaurant in Houston, Texas, a patron shot and killed a man who was robbing other patrons. The robber was masked and brandishing what appeared to be a pistol. If the man who shot the robber is charged with murder for protecting himself and others from a potentially lethal threat, then we have a serious problem.

We have another problem. Millions of undocumented people have crossed our border from El Paso to San Diego and in between.  America is being invaded. We do not have enough free housing, welfare and food stamps to support all these people.

Biden wants to mobilize 85,000 IRS agents who will find every dollar they can to support the millions of undocumented people roaming our nation. How many more dollars can the IRS squeeze out of your pocket? Do you have property that they can seize and sell for a few dollars?  85,000 agents will need to find something to do and most likely they will be checking up on everyone.

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