By: Dr. Don Kuehle

  The winter has been long. The days have been drawn-out & drab & dreary.  We’ve been kept inside for much too long. It’s too cold to go outside and too tiresome to stay inside. We have “cabin fever”. We’re battling a case of the “winter blahs”!

      Is there no way to rid ourselves of the “blahs” ?  Sir William Osler, renowned Canadian physician/writer, offers us good advice on battling the blahs. “Nothing will sustain you more potently than the power to recognize in your humdrum routine…the true poetry of life.”

      How one looks at life makes all the difference! We “see” life through the eyes of our parents and grandparents. We “see” life as limited by the past, by what we know; we cannot “see’ beyond what we have learned. We “see” life in blacks-and-grays as reported on the Nightly News; life is hopeless and we are helpless. Then Christ comes! He opens our eyes, gives us new sight and fresh insight into life!  Now, we “see” life through the eyes of the One who created life; now, we are empowered to “see” life in all it’s richness, fullness, abundance — “see” life with all it’s color, fragrance, motion and rhythm    “see” a million possibilities in each situation. Life is too wondrous, too hope-full, to ever tolerate the blahs!

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