By: Frank Burkett

What in the heck is happening to our wonderful Country, AMERICA. The people that were elected and then assumed office in 2020, but as yet, I along with many citizens of the United States are skeptical of, who is running the show? Those I speak of, are turning America into a Banana republic. Just recently the raid on Mara-a-Lago, a private citizen‘s residence and business of Donald Trump. Thirty armed FBI agents, sent their by the Justice Department, is a prime example of dictatorial power.

The Biden Administration, or perhaps those that are pulling his and their strings is wanting to change this great country into what I already spoke of or other ideologies. Before Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine, Joe Biden was going to defeat Russia with sanctions. We see how that worked, because Russia’s economy is stronger whiles ours and the European country’s economy are suffering.

Listening to AG Merrick Garland speaking just now, makes me question many of his statements. Such as, the integrity of the Justice Department and the FBI. We have seen what the FBI put fourth in the Trump Russia coercion debacle. The FBI went along with the Steele Dossier, and its premier purpose of keeping Donald Trump from being a resident of the White House.

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