Family of Christ Lutheran Church

You are a good person. You take care of your family, you have a good job, you are a respected member of the community. You go to church, you participate in community events, many people know and respect you. That gives you worth, dignity and importance. When you close your eyes in sleep at night you are at peace.
Even as you realize that all these things that give you worth can be lost without any warning. The job can end. An accident can happen. Somebody can spread a rumor that destroys you. I pray that none of these bad things happen to you and I pray that life will continue to be good for you. Let me share with you a more certain word, the word of God found in Peter’s first letter. It is the word of God, it does not change, it remains forever true.
It is forever true that we have been redeemed, not with perishable things such as silver or gold, but with the precious blood of the son of God. That gives us worth that nothing can take away from us, no accident, no rumor, no downturn in the economy. Our redemption lasts forever.
We are a chosen generation, a Royal Priesthood, a holy people, the prized possession of the eternal almighty God. There was a time when this was not true, but God came to us with his mercy and grace in our baptism and made us his everlasting people. That makes it possible for us to go about our daily activities knowing that what we do is acceptable to God as a loving service to him. For loving him we also love our neighbor as ourselves and we do them good.
That gives us dignity, worth. With that assurance from the eternal word of God we are able to go to sleep at night at peace, knowing that we are a good person for the right reason.

Elmer Schiefer, Pastor