Last Night When I Was Young Immortalizes Sports Icons of the 1950s and ’60s

Bestselling author Geoffrey Littlefield’s Last Night When I Was Young: Sporting Favourites of Mine takes readers on a sentimental stroll down a memory lane lined with elite athletes of the past.

Littlefield masterfully intertwines history-making moments and mini biographies of some of the U.K.’s greatest athletes of the 1950s and ’60s with stories from his own youth sports experiences. The result is an immersive read that gives audiences a front row seat for all the action, as told from the perspective of a self-described “walking, talking sports encyclopedia and BBC sports quiz champion” who, as a school-aged boy, enjoyed nothing more than emulating his athletic idols.

“All are sporting yesterdays, worthy of repeat,” Littlefield muses. “A young boy’s memory listing every feat.”

Last Night When I Was Young is informative, entertaining and comprehensive in its coverage of both male and female athletes from the era, including jockeys Doug Smith and Fred Winter; Chelsea and England footballer Jimmy Greaves; cricketer PBH May; tennis star Mike Sangster; boxer Dick Tiger; racecar driver Mike Hawthorn; golfer Peter Alliss; sprinter Dorothy Hyman; and long jumper Mary Rand, among many others. The book also contains contributions from the Queen’s racehorse trainer, Sir Michael Stoute, and four-time world speedway champion, Barry Briggs MBE.

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