By: Travis Naughton

I’ve always known that one day my son Alex, his girlfriend Sarah, and their beautiful baby girl Freya would move out of our house and into a place of their own. I half-jokingly told them they were free to stay with Mimi and Pop forever, but I knew they would eventually want to leave our nest someday. That day came last Wednesday. And I am not okay. Freya was born during the height of the pandemic, and in order to minimize her chances of being exposed to the virus, she and her parents hunkered down at our house, tucked safely away from society in the woods of Southern Boone County. As a result, most of Freya’s first fifteen months of life have been lived at our home. After I quit teaching in order to be a stay-at-home grandparent while Alex and Sarah continued with their college education and returned to the workforce, Freya and I spent almost every day together. It’s safe to say that Freya has become my favorite human being in the entire history of human beings.

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