This coming weekend many of us will say Happy Mother’s Day. Our wish and our intentions are sincere and genuine; we honestly want Mother’s Day to be a happy event for mother. Can we hope that she would be happy if we are sad? Once again God’s word sheds light on our situation. John 15:10 “these things I have spoken to you that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be full”.

Jesus spoke those words on the evening before He was crucified. Talk about a frightening prospect! Crucified, cursed, forsaken by His Father, and yet He talks about joy, not only for Himself but also for His disciples! How is that possible?

Jesus has joy that does not depend on the circumstances around Him. His joy is based on the fact that His Father loves him and he loves the Father even though the Father will, for a short time, turn away from Him. Yet the Father will restore Him, the Father will never abandon Him. Jesus has joy that He can share with the prayer that the joy of the disciples will be full.

Jesus is confident of that because He will lay down His life for His disciples and by doing that He will take away forever their sin and they will be able to live in the love of the Father also. That is where true joy, full joy can be found. The unending love of the eternal Father is unchanging. Always the same, always doing good. We can be sure of that love of God because Jesus did die on that cross. The love of God is constant, the joy of God is the same.

That is something we can depend on. And people in our life including our mother can see that joy. When then we say Happy Mother’s Day, the one to whom we say it will share the joy because our wish will be accompanied by actions of love. Think of what Jesus did on Easter evening and the days following. Sadness, disappointment, grieving was replaced by excited joy that would not remain silent but was happily shared with anyone who would listen, especially mothers who have a knack for discerning genuine joy.

God bless your Mother’s Day celebration.

Elmer Schiefer
Pastor, Family of Christ Lutheran Church