By: John Grimaldi

Commentator Martha Boneta exposes efforts to stop President Trump from running for reelection

  Dec 16 — Martha Boneta, a nationally recognized commentator on politics and current affairs, is also one of “America’s Most Amazing Women,” as Country Woman Magazine described her. She is in high demand by the talk show circuit and she recently sat down with Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens, for an interview on AMAC’s Better For America podcast. Weber describes Boneta, who is the co-chair of the American Freedom Tour, as a “stark defender of America first policies.”

  Weber asked Boneta to comment on the Twitter Files expose’ that revealed how social media has used its vast network to interfere with the 2020 Presidential Election. Boneta explained that it wasn’t just Twitter that conspired to silence conservatives in that election cycle; other such platforms — including Facebook — were also behind the scheme. “This was a concentrated effort to change the course of history in our elections. And we believe that this is just the beginning. I believe that all eyes are going to be on what happened during the election to suppress the vote and suppress conservative voices. Silencing conservatives is something that every American should be concerned about because this has been going on for far too long.” she said.

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