By: Frank Burkett

My last opinion spread was about my thoughts on the liberally biased networks, cable TV also local newspapers, other than the Journal and Jefferson City News Tribune. I got fed up with reading, and listening to the gibberish from the Left. I decided, that maybe the public needed another Conservative’s point of view. I have had heartwarming letters of agreement, but irate comments too. Thankfully I get a lot more attaboys. The LTTE s in the Columbia Tribune was a ratio of four to one leaning Left. I sent an LTTE to the Tribune, which they posted. I developed a good rap pore with Mr. Jim Robertson, editor at the Columbia Tribune, which was along in the early 2000s. The Tribune posted a LTTE in there when eligible, I think every two weeks. I would conservatively, (pardon the pun), guess that I had over three-hundred LTTE s posted in the Columbia Tribune. One time he gave me the Opinion page which had to do with Walmart. I am not for big box stores, but America loves competition which leads to progress.  Hank Waters III, the owner was very Liberal, politically, but as far as I knew he never quashed any LTTE s of mine.

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