By: Frank Burkett

   The shoe is on the other foot, as I am alluding to the misplaced sensitive secret files found in three different locations of our President. One on the Campus of Penn State, the Penn Biden Building, in which Joe received a million dollars to use his name. Two more batches at two residential locations, which belong to president Joe Biden. Were they as secure as the ones found at Mar-a-Lago in Donald Trump’s residence? Not hardly. The secret files at Mar-a-Lago were in a safe. Also at Mar-a-Lago, former  President Donald Trump, is under the surveillance of the Secret Service which guards all former presidents. Their job is to allow no unauthorized intruders. True, at the time, Joe Biden did have Secret Service guards too, but when those files were moved in 2017, Joe Biden was a former Vice President. Secret Service for a VP ceases after six months, after leaving the office. So this just leaves the security he hires.

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