By: Frank Burkett

To expand my research and reiterate my opinion along with the 1609 climate scientists that believe as I do, that the climate does change and that man is not blameless.

Sure, the burning of fossil fuels has added Co2 and other pollutants to the atmosphere, which we admit adds to climate change and also adds heat to Mother Earth. So does the man-made concrete with steel reinforcement, asphalt, bricks and other heat retaining man-made material.

I found that before fossil fuels were discovered, and then millions of years ago on down through the ages at different periods there was more parts per million (PPM) Co2 in the atmosphere than now, which is (440 PPM). Why is that?

Guessing as those in climatology groups also do, the Co2 that accumulated in the atmosphere eons ago was from forest fires, (more forests back then), volcanic eruptions on land and under the sea, (which happens now, but eruptions were more severe then, according to scientist Dr. Laird), hurricanes, earthquakes and etc.

Then, let us not forget about the BIG BANG theory that created the universe. From this massive explosion stars and planets were formed. Later an asteroid or comet many miles wide had a collision with planet earth, broke off a chunk of our planet and formed our moon. After life came to earth, other asteroids not so huge hit the earth and did away with dinosaurs plus a large percentage of other animal life.

This happened approximately sixty-six million years ago and ushered in an ice age. All of this research was interesting, but again I found that it amounts to educated guess work.

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