By: Travis Naughton

Blackjack was stricken after hearing Jane’s account of her husband’s barbaric behavior the last time they were in the Indian Territories. After several minutes of silence, he finally asked, “How did you manage to get away from that monster?”

“By the time we arrived at the next encampment, Patrick seemed to have already put the horror of what he did behind him. He went about peddling his wares like usual, and while he was busy swindling his customers, I sent word to the local chief that I had some important news to share. A young Cherokee woman escorted me to the chief’s quarters a short while later, where I told him what Patrick had done,” Jane explained.

“Bold move,” Blackjack said. “How did the chief react?”
“He didn’t. Well, not at first anyway. He sat there quietly for a while, his face completely expressionless. I started to worry that he might not have understood me, but just as I opened my mouth to speak again, he held up his hand to silence me and said, ‘Some would say you have betrayed your husband by speaking to me, but for you to come forward with this information takes courage. You risk everything to right a wrong committed against my people by your people. You are a brave and honorable woman. No harm will come to you as long as you remain in our lands. The same cannot be said for your man.’

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