By: Ernie Wren
In this week’s Journal I have written about the Lakeside Ashland residents and their concerns with noise levels from the recent “Midwest Country Fest”. Hopefully this can be resolved amicably between all parties: residents, Lakeside Ashland, and local governments. This has been a rather contentious development for a few neighbors, while being viewed as a big plus in entertainment and activities by many in the Ashland community.

I believe this is a perfect example of why people should be involved in the planning process from the beginning, especially when it involves neighboring properties. As Chair of the Planning & Zoning Commission when the rezoning request was originally brought forth, I do not recall any of the homeowners in the area attending the posted meetings. To be fair, most people do not attend, as such meetings are not known for their excitement.

However, when rezoning occurs, residents and neighbors should take an interest, and try to imagine the types of new development that could possibly be allowed under a proposed rezoning.

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