By: Frank Burkett

I have misgivings about mascots and names of NFL, MLB teams, college and high school teams that offend. Offend enough to cause attorneys to get into the fray to make some bucks. Where it all starts is, just an educated guess. The ACLU, or some law practice, that can pull the right strings, then the ball starts rolling. A Law Practice, which the ACLU is, works at litigation and lobbying. In other words put a bug in someone’s ear that this name, Redskins, is demeaning to our Native Americans. Then it snowballs, when the law firm’s marketing agency, deem the name to be racist. The agency pulls the media into the fray, and yes, a lawsuit develops. Then, lawyers put their heads together and declare a Class Action Law Suit, CALS, implying to the litigants, their share of the suit will be big bucks. Let me define CALS. The settlement, could perhaps be in the millions of dollars, but the more individuals in the lawsuit, the less each will receive. We do know that the attorneys, are many, and will get their unfair share. I suppose the lawyers think, if they win the case, they should get half to divide among their staff and other lawyers involved. Of course the ACLU, or any law practice gets a cut, and the top dogs get more then the basement dogs, as it should be. Anyway you look at it though, the individuals of the law practice receives much more then the individuals of the CALS.

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