By: Travis Naughton

While most Missourians were celebrating the Show-Me State’s bicentennial last week, my wife and I were busy exploring the 49th state, Alaska, and celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Bethany’s twin sister Charla and her husband Doug, (the Matron of Honor and Best Man at our wedding), got hitched just six months before we tied the knot, so naturally we decided to celebrate our anniversaries together. The memories we made during our adventures in The Last Frontier will endure at least another 25 years. Our first two days in Alaska were spent in and around the greater Anchorage area. Downtown Anchorage was an interesting mix of hip dining establishments, cheesy souvenir shops, and panhandlers on virtually every corner. The smell of marijuana smoke (recreational pot is legal in the state) mingled with the smell of fresh reindeer sausage being grilled at food carts throughout the city center while the sound of seaplanes constantly buzzed overhead.

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