In this year of pandemic self-isolation, those of us who love cooking and enjoy a bottle of fine wine with a meal have become ever more epicurious.  Family recipes are being prepared again, especially during the holidays, along with new dishes from sources like The New York Times weekly food columns by Sam Sifton. Closer to home, wonderful recipes are being shared on The Common Ingredient—a food website/blog started in March to help raise donations through three local non-profits helping those in our community affected by food insecurity.

Cathy Salter

One of the delicious comfort food submissions on the Common Ingredient website) is my mother Alice’s classic meatloaf recipe.  ( Since Kit’s favorite meal on the planet is meatloaf, I’ve had fun over the 40 plus years that we’ve been together enhancing the original.  It’s very moist due to the addition of cottage cheese and gets its subtle bite from the addition of horseradish.  Not only is it great served with garlic mashed potatoes, green peas, and apple sauce, it’s terrific in a sandwich the next day!  

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