Justin Hudson

Tanner McKee









By: Tara Blue

On Saturday, Sep. 2nd, Justin Hudson and Tanner McKee, both of Hartsburg, were charged with 1st degree burglary, endangering the welfare of a child creating substantial risk, stealing $750 or more, stealing firearm/explosive weapon/ammonium nitrate after they allegedly forcibly entered a Columbia home. Hudson was also charged with 4th degree assault.

According to court documents, an unknown victim who was babysitting at the time told police that an individual later identified as Hudson came to the front door and asked about mowing the yard. The victim told him they were not interested and closed the door. Hudson allegedly came back to the front door with McKee and forced entry. Hudson allegedly pushed the victim several times, then both suspects went downstairs searching for something.

The victim says (s)he ran out of the house, assumingly with the child (s)he was babysitting, and alerted a neighbor of the burglary. The neighbor then called the police who used the descriptions and plate identification to track the suspects. Hudson and McKee were stopped by CPD near Tom Bass Road, where officers found $12,240 worth of stolen THC vape devices. The resident of the home told police that a revolver was also missing and police later located the firearm in a wooded location that Hudson directed them to.

Hudson and McKee are being held without bond in the Boone County Jail. The case is set for a bond hearing on Thursday, Sep. 7th and a preliminary hearing on October 10th.