By Bruce Wallace

If you’re old enough to remember the iced tea commercial, this week’s weather might want to make you fall into a swimming pool – work clothes, iced tea glass and all.

Excessive heat warnings are in affect for the rest of this week, with officials encouraging Boone County residents to work outside early in the day and remember to drink plenty of water.

“We will have overnight low temperatures in the high 70s,” said KMIZ-TV meteorologist Brittany Beggs, “and our heat indices will be 105 – and that’s in the shade. If you’re working in the sun, it will feel like 110-degrees.”

In other words, as Beggs noted, air conditioning units will be running constantly.

Beggs said a dome of high pressure moved into the Midwest and that combined with humidity create a potentially dangerous situation for those outside for long periods of time.

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