By Bruce Wallace

If you have seen more teens walking around town recently, intently looking at their cell phone, it’s not because they are out to get some exercise and texting about the weather.

The augmented reality world of Pokemon Go is widespread and has Ashland teens – as well as players up to their mid-20s – searching for Pokemon from the school district buildings to Ashland City Park and up and down Main Street and Henry Clay.

The sudden success of the new game can be pinned to a few reasons – the game app is available for all cell phones and is free, the game is played in augmented reality and the game is a throwback to the success of the 1990s Pokemon game.

“I’m re-living my childhood,” said player Codi Sessler, as she and three friends walked down Henry Clay on the pedestrian path, looking to improve their team’s standing.

Augmented reality displays digital images on a view of the real world, such as Pokemon characters on a city sidewalk. The game shows the digital characters on Sessler’s smartphone screen, overlaid on the phone’s view of its surroundings.

When a player sees a cultural landmark in town – such as the Ashland Baptist Church facility – the screen displays a photo of the church.

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