For many, myself included, the decision as to whether or not to get vaccinated during a pandemic is simple. Before I did this story, I would have asked in disbelief: “Why wouldn’t one get vaccinated against a dangerous virus like Covid-19?”.  As I’ve had further conversations and looked at the science however, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are solid reasons for either decision, based upon individual beliefs and circumstances. 

My own experience with Covid-19 in late September made me very receptive to taking a vaccine as soon as I could get one.  Those two weeks spent struggling with Covid-19 are an experience I never wish to repeat: extreme fatigue to the point that I couldn’t stand up long enough to shower, body aches that felt like I had been run through the dryer, constant coughing, and lowered level of blood oxygen that almost led me to visit the ER a couple of times.  There were all those things, plus a loss of smell/taste that was mostly just annoying, particularly when it came to tasting my morning coffee.  So, to me, and many others who have suffered through COVID-19, the decision to be vaccinated seemed like an obvious “slam dunk”.  

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By Ernie Wren