Written By FFA Reporter Ashley Sjostrand.

The Boone County Fair returned to the Columbia location for the 2nd year and it was a success. Members exhibited their livestock and hams in Columbia,MO the week of July 19-23, 2022. Ashland FFA members had great participation at the fair with the following members exhibiting livestock Nicole Sjostrand, Ashley Sjostrand, Sydda Evans, Austin Hartman, Lauren Hammett, Nikki Crocker, Maura Vanskike,Mackenzie Lewis, Lindie Pauley, Brayden Kuhrtz, Dakota Varvil and Renee Klippel. A few highlights of the fair was Lauren Hammett winning Grand Champion Breeding Doe and Market Goat with animals she raised. Another highlight was seeing senior FFA member Nikki Crocker participate in Master Showman in the senior division. Ashland FFA members continued to have success throughout the week. Aubrey Quinn Cured the 7th place overall country cured ham. Ashland FFA members would like to send a huge thank you to the Boone County Livestock and Auction Committee and all the buyers at Boone County Fair auction.

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