By; Ernie Wren
The “2023 Parks and Recreation Master Planning Public Workshop #1” event this past Friday was a resounding success based on both attendance and the amount of input received. The public was invited to “Join the Ashland Parks and Recreation Board for their first public workshop as part of the 2023 Parks and Recreation Master Planning Process. The Park and Rec Board has engaged with Drury University’s Center for Community Studies to conduct the first master planning process for the City’s park and recreation facilities.”
With a full board room at city hall, community engagement in the process was positive and realistic. City Administrator Kyle Michel expressed his appreciation for the level of attendance and participation.
At the start of the workshop, community members were seated at four tables, each of which were facilitated by a member of the Drury University team. Tables ranged from eight to ten members, with each being asked to provide individual and team suggestions.

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