Thank you to all who came out to the Ashland Optimist Club Spooktacular and special thank you to “In Any Event” and the Dihel Family for providing decorations!

Bryson Slinker

Nancy and Chaz Nickolaus

Christy & Kids

Aviana and Jaxon

Spencer and Skyler

Jess, Holly, Rosalyn, and Wilkes Brodhacker

Weston Randall and Addie Adams

Jozie and Kacie Gipson

Carley & Peyton

Delilah Streb

Whitlee and Warren Bentlage


Brittany and Crew Schmitz

Bunch of Bananas

Brian and Riley Groseclose

Kaleb Brockman, Grady & Rosalie McClendon

Ryan, Amy, Callie Bontz

The Karr Family

Lily McKay


Max Minge

The Bridges Family

The East Family

Maggie Colombo

Elaina Obannon, Layton Obannon, Kyleigh Myers

Hawkins, Zita and Lawson Smith

Hailey and Jax

Maddy McGannon

Dylan, Elijah, and Aubree Howell

Jaden Beuthien, LaKenzie Johnson, Shauna Johnson, Harleigh Morrow,
Jayden McKendrick and Ellie Camargo

Brayden and Braylin Hanafusa and Treyton Wren

Kyleigh and Kinsley Steel

JW and Kailani

Cal, Shelby, Kasey, Marla, Nora, Kris

Kingston Davis

Deacon and Silas

Jacob and Kaitlyn

Michael Arnold

Allison & Isaac Martin

Georgia Zimny

Levi and Riley Kruger

Haven and Noelle Case

Liam and Cora Wilkerson

Oliver, Cassie, Nathan Martin

Sam the Dragon, dressed as a lobster

Emerson Millar

Shyla Leatherman

Brinley Harmon

Hayes & Easton Harmon

Harper & Gentry

Mahala Martin

Kayla Parton

Isabella Keene

Jackson Bell

Sara, Case, and Wyatt Unger

Sven and Autumn Wilson

Reagan Parton

Kol Wren

Ryan, Rachael, Joella, & Thea Brodhacker

Charlotte Henning

Brook Peart, Else & Leah Fadler, Natalie Peart, Ava Beaty

Sienna Colbert

Mila Gonzales

Jasper and Toni Thiele

Ashlee Davis, Jeff Teeter, Claire Binggeli, Elijah Teeter

Brooklynn and Aspen Carlos

Max, Isla and Hudson Goldman

Holly Tracy

Isabelle and Madeleine Harty

Kyleigh Hinz and Quinn Mitchell

Carly Ladd & friends

Luke and Brelynn

Annabelle Nelson

David, Jacob, and Audrey Calvin

Zander Burns

Josie and Charlotte Francis

Barrett and Kolly Lear

Lincoln Marsch

Chase and Alex Yeager

Ainsley Turner & Sophia Yeager

Emerson Fischer

Amira and Linden VandeVoorde

Elizabeth & Annamae Allen, Avery Spears

Leah and Josie Bullard

Alayna & Allyson

Maddie and Lawson Martin

Liam & Emmett Stone

Olive and Juniper Hartman

Brussel Haller

Sage & Kale Haller

Jacoby Craig

Elijah Roberts

Kallie & Karsyn Lenger

Everly & Rowan Nanneman

Sophia Shanks and Caroline Carson

The Gazaway Family

The Sapp Family

Jackie Olk, Mikayla Moore, Nathan Knight, Joannie Storch

Leah and Savannah

Dylan Martin


Zelda & Cameron

Zack, Lexie & Averie Monroe

Jared & Lily Logsdon

Valerie and Piper Higgins

Emmett & Josie Miller

Paighten Hay-Cockrum

Kash and Kade Bentlage

Lora, Taylor, Travis, Emmy

Shelby Eagon

Brooklynn and Jaxon Eberhart

Allen & Eleanor Leipard

Aden O’Bannon and Katy & Frankie Laughlin

Hadley, Ashlynn, & Landrie

Kaydence Elise

Greyson, Adelynn Anderson

Diana Linzie

Ayla Giboney and Easton Okeefe

Adley, Raylen and Brett Reeder