The Southern Boone School District is pleased to announce that during the upcoming April 2nd, 2024 election, voters will have the opportunity to decide on two important proposals aimed at advancing the educational experience for students and supporting the dedicated teachers and staff within the district.

Question 1: $11.6 Million No Tax Rate Increase Bond Issue for High School Expansion Construction Project

The first question on the ballot will be an $11.6 million no tax rate increase bond issue. The funds will be dedicated to an expansion construction project that will address various needs at the high school. Key components of the proposed project include:

  • New Vo-Ag Wing: A state-of-the-art vocational and agriculture department to include two classrooms, lab space.
  • Additional Classrooms: Construction of two new art classrooms and a new family and consumer science classroom, to accommodate the growing student population.
  • Roof Repairs at the High School: Replace the roof of the original 1991 high school building.
  • Parking Lot Improvements: A new parking lot and drive east and north of the high school building.

The funds from the bond issue would help the high school provide an improved and safer educational space by having all classes connected directly to the high school. The additional classroom space will assist with accommodating the larger class sizes currently in the middle school.

The Southern Boone Board of Education, district administration and school staff have been meeting for several months to discuss this proposed construction project. These meetings included focus groups, staff meetings and a community forum to gather input and feedback on the proposed project.

“The plans identified several necessary improvements and upgrades to the high school,” said School Superintendent Dr. Tim Roth. “The expansion of our current high school has become an important need due to the increasing student enrollment and the school district’s commitment to providing a safe learning environment for our students.”

Looking ahead, the school district’s long-range plan includes a potential $15 million no tax rate increase bond issue in April 2027 for a performing arts center at the high school, along with additional improvements, upgrades and repairs to the current high school building.

Additional information about the April 2024 $11.6 million no tax rate increase bond issue is available on the school district’s website at

Question 2: 20 Cent No Tax Rate Increase Levy Transfer to Help Increase Salaries for Teachers and Staff

The second question seeks authorization from voters to make adjustments to the school district’s debt services and operating property tax levies. However, this adjustment will not raise the current overall tax rate. The proposal is a no tax rate increase levy transfer of 20 cents from the debt services fund to the operating fund. This transfer aims to help the district’s ability to attract and retain high-quality educators by increasing salaries for teachers and staff. The district wants to increase the recognition of the invaluable contributions of its employees. This measure will allow the district to provide a more competitive compensation structure for teachers and staff.

If approved by voters, the district’s operating property tax levy would increase by 20 cents, moving from $3.9846 to $4.1846 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation. This would result in the debt service property tax levy decreasing by 20 cents, moving from $1.8055 to 1.6055 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation. This transfer will not increase the district’s total property tax levy, which will remain unchanged at $5.7901 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation.

“Raising salaries for our employees is an investment in educational excellence. By recognizing their dedication, this will ensure the best learning environment possible for our students,” said Roth. “This levy transfer would allow the school district to help retain and recruit high-quality teachers and staff with more competitive salaries and benefits.”

Additional information about the April 2024 20 cents no tax rate increase levy transfer proposal is available on the school district’s website at The Southern Boone School District encourages all eligible voters to participate in the April 2nd, 2024 election and make their voices heard on these important issues that will shape the future of education in Southern Boone County.

For more information, please contact Matt Sharp, Public Relations Director at or 573-657-2147.

Source: News Release from Southern Boone School District