The new trucks are for responding to medical emergencies and wild land fires. They are equipped with a medical kit including an automatic external defibrillator , bleeding control supplies, airway management equipment and oxygen. For wild land fires they are equipped with a tank of water with a pump and hose. They are equipped with class A foam and an assortment of hand tools such as broom rakes, shovels axes. chain saws and leaf blowers. The two new trucks will be placed at the Ashland station and the Mount Pleasant station. The existing truck will be placed at the airport station. The goal of these vehicles is to provide a vehicle that is lighter and more maneuverable than the fire engine that they are paired with and much less costly. These two new vehicles with the complement of equipment cost 125,000 each and were purchased by the last bond issue. There are four more vehicles ordered and are slated for delivery later this year they are a fire engine, a rescue squad and two water tankers.