By: Sara Walsh

It is my great honor to represent the people of Missouri’s 50th District and to share with you this week’s Capitol Report.

Archives Alive! Coming Next Spring

In the spring of 2023, the Missouri State Archives will welcome elementary and homeschool students to Archives Alive! – a history-based performance program.

The live, interactive educational performances are 45 minutes long, and follow time travelers Molly and Walter over 200 years into the past to share the stories of the earliest Missourians and European settlers. These stories include Missouri’s part in the American Civil War and both World Wars and profile many people throughout Missouri’s History including Mark Twain, and George Washington Carver.

In addition to the program, schools and homeschooled families can tour the archives to gain a basic understanding of historic records and the work done by staff.

The Missouri State Archives and Archives Alive! are housed at the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office, just down the hill from your Capitol.

For more information, or to make reservations, please contact Elizabeth Ray, Outreach Archivist, at (573) 526-5296 or

It is my great honor to serve you!

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