A perfect motto for parents as they experience their seniors going through the proverbial “lasts.” Except for maybe this year. For 2021 parents it’s a little harder to swallow. Because this year, so many things just didn’t happen. Friday Night Lights without capacity crowds, football homecoming with a reverse parade and no dance, limited attendance at all school events, virtual pep assemblies, quests for district titles cut short because of quarantines, games and events canceled immediately prior, music festivals and FBLA contests completed remotely, no mentoring in the primary and elementary, virtual classes, college visits over zoom and much, much more. While the hard work and dedication by Southern Boone faculty, staff and administration to keep our district in seat this year was sincerely appreciated, there’s no argument that 2021 was a year much different year than anyone could’ve anticipated—and much different than Southern Boone 2021 seniors had long looked forward to. A few weeks ago, one “normal” thing did happen—2021 Prom. A chance to forget the disappointments of the past year, dress to the nines, and make some well-deserved memories. The Class of 2021, thanks to the Class of 2022—got a chance to enjoy this important rite of passage. “I truly appreciate everything everyone did to make Prom a success. It was amazing to see our kids having so much fun. It was a great night,” said Chris Felmlee, Southern Boone Superintendent. Early in 2021 four junior parents—affectionately named “The Mom Squad” by Southern Boone Teacher and Prom lead Krista Moore, realized, that Prom 2021 was in jeopardy. Together they vowed not to let 2020 repeat itself. They began researching venues outside Boone County and formulating a plan. Once the plan was in place, they presented it to Southern Boone County administrators, and the district jumped on board to make an in-person 2021 Prom a reality. One problem: the juniors were at a disadvantage because traditional fundraisers—primarily concession stands at events—weren’t allowed during the year because of county restrictions. And, as it does so often in Southern Boone County—that’s when the magic happened! The community, the district and local businesses, led by the prom committee stepped up, banded together and perfectly executed a Night to Remember!