While standardized test scores at Southern Boone Schools did not improve on every test from the previous year, the overall assessment from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education put the Eagles at the head of the class of Missouri students.

On the 2018 state Annual Performance Report, the SoBoCo results showed the district raised its overall APR score to a 98.9 percent – the best performance among Boone County schools.

“We have outstanding faculty and administrators who are dedicated to working with kids and getting good results,” said Southern Boone Superintendent Chris Felmlee, adding that the scores – a few-tenths of a point higher than last year – confirmed Southern Boone’s reputation as a school district which consistently shows results at the top of state test scores.

Felmlee and SoBoCo High School Principal Dale Van Deven both said they had continuing concerns about specific segments of testing.

“We have continuing concerns about improving our test scores for sub-groups” – which includes minorities, special needs students and others – “and getting those kids where they want to be,” Felmlee said.

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By Bruce Wallace