In the City of Ashland races, Alderwomen Leslie Martin in Ward 1 and Alderman Jesse Bronson in Ward 2 are both unopposed and seeking another term in office. In Ward 3, incumbent Jeff Sapp will face Fred Klippel for election.

Jeff Sapp, age 47, is finishing his first term as Alderman for Ward 3. “I didn’t expect anyone else to run and didn’t want to leave the position vacant. However, since I’ve been on the board we’ve started several projects I’d like to see through, and currently have some in the works” said Sapp.

Monitoring growth and planned development is a priority for Sapp. “Planning for growth, and traffic infrastructure is my goal if reelected” said Sapp. “I’d like to take care of traffic issues before they arise.”

Sapp’s views on the city budget focus on embracing growth.

“Like any small town we are struggling, and need to bring in some more retail to increase tax income” said Sapp. “The main thing is businesses have population numbers that areas need to hit before they will consider places like Ashland. With our population rising at the rate we have been, I believe businesses will turn towards Ashland to corner the market” said Sapp.

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By Carson Blake