By: Travis Naughton

In a letter sent to health agencies and school districts throughout the state of Missouri, including the Southern Boone County School District, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt cited a Cole County judge’s November 22 ruling that directs the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) “to instruct local health authorities to refrain from issuing verbal or written orders regarding circumstances under which children can be excluded from school.” Judge Daniel Green also ordered that any and all discretionary health orders or rules issued outside of the protections of the Missouri Administrative Procedure Act (MAPA) are null and void. Schmitt’s letter included the following passage: “Under this judgement, all mask mandates, quarantine orders, and other public health orders that are based on any of the invalidated regulations or issued outside of the protections of the MAPA are null and void. You should stop enforcing and publicizing any such orders immediately.”

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