By: Tara Blue
There’s a new bakery in town and the owners are baking the world a butter place with one delicious bite at a time. Heart of the Home Bakery is operated with love straight from the kitchen of Jared and Brooke Thomassen. The couple are well acquainted with the needs of Southern Boone, as both are local to the area.

Jared and Brooke met at Southern Boone High School as teenagers. Jared grew up in Ashland and Brooke moved here from Columbia in 9th grade. Although they both lived in Columbia for a few years during college, they moved back to Ashland to start a family.

Before the business concept was developed, the Thomassen’s first baked orders for various friends and family events until they finally decided to open their goods to the local community this past summer. The Thomassen’s love the small town feel of Southern Boone and the opportunity for growth. Although they currently operate from home, they would love to open a store front here someday in the future.

“We feel so blessed to have such an incredible community here. The support we’ve been receiving has come from family, friends, and strangers alike! We would love to give a special shout out to all our sweet friends at the Southern Boone Library! They’ve been such an encouragement to us from day one! We’re also grateful for the opportunities that local businesses have given us, such as Woody’s and the YMCA Farmers Market.
We’re a made fresh-to-order home bakery here in Ashland MO. Our goal is to bring in the variety and freshness of a traditional bakery along with our own creativity and unique flavors! Above all, quality and satisfaction are the highest priorities within our bakery. Our bakery offers breads, desserts, pastries, chocolates, and more! Items can be ordered from our standard menu, weekly specials, or local events.

In addition to the flexibility it provides our family, we love creating something that is meaningful and exciting to us! There’s so much satisfaction in growing a business while striving to offer quality products for the customers and community you serve!

Both of our families live in the area, which is a dream come true! We love being so near family as we’re growing our own. We have a daughter, Lily, who is almost 1.5 years old and another baby girl due in November! Jared has a passion for baking and helps with the bakery when he can. However, his handiwork doesn’t just stop with pastries.

He is the owner of Thomassen Fine Woodworking, LLC also located here in Ashland. Custom cabinetry and furniture are his main focus areas. Baking/cooking and cabinetry are a great match because it helps him understand the need for functionality as well as appearance within a kitchen!”

Don’t miss their weekly and upcoming holiday specials which include the BEST vanilla bean creme doughnuts you’ve *ever* tasted!

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Call 573-639-8508
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