The possibility of Palomino Ridge getting a speed bump for this budget year will rely on the recommendation of the Ashland Park Board. Speeding has been a constant concern raised by residents.

The Ashland Police Department did a recent traffic study on Martha Crump, showing that the average speed was 28 mph. Ashland Police are currently conducting a speed study on Mustang Drive.

“The [City] budget this year is incredibly tough, with projects coming in over budget,” said Mayor Gene Rhorer.

The idea of speed bumps or speed humps was proposed when a digital sign to show drivers speeds was viewed as ineffective.

“Speed bumps are built rudely, while speed humps are longer, wider and more gradual. Both require anchors built down into the road and are expensive,” said Rhorer. “A speed bump costs about $4,500 and a speed hump $7,000.”

The Alderman will further discuss speeding after the topic is discussed with the Ashland Park Board committee, concerning speeding by the ‘pocket park’ at Palomino Ridge.

“The Park Board might want to do something about speeding by the pocket park,” said Alderman Jesse Bronson, Ashland’s Park Board Liaison. “If the Park Board believes there’s a need, we could use the funds from the park tax for the speed hump outside the park.”

This possibility will be discussed at the next park board meeting and placed on the Alderman’s next agenda.