Lead Photo: Last Thursday evening the City of Ashland hosted a comprehensive planning workshop to address upcoming issues such as transportation, storm water runoff and infrastructure needs for the city. Above, Ward Three Alderman Rick Lewis presents future planning options and oppotunities for consideration. 

Lead Story: Residents weigh in on future of city

At the City of Ashland’s public participation workshop last Thursday, Ashland residents raised concerns about transportation and growing a commercial tax base, while maintaining a small town atmosphere.

The City of Ashland is updating from the 2009 comprehensive plan considering growth of the community and the city’s ability to apply for grants.

“We have obtained at least $1 million over the last ten years in grants as a result of the last comprehensive plan,” said Mayor Gene Rhorer.

The comprehensive plan is a blueprint upon which the city and the planning and zoning committee base future decisions.

“The intent of the comprehensive plan is to provide the focus and direction needed to make well informed decisions regarding the physical development of the community. The comprehensive plan must reflect the values and vision of the community. Therefore, public participation is a critical component in the development, adaptation and implementation for the plan,” said Todd Strieler the city’s hired architect of the plan.

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By Carson Blake