The 2018 fall elections are nine months away, but State Representative District 50 candidate Michela Skelton says it is easy to see the problems at the state capitol.

Noting that “the State of Missouri is broke,” and “Jefferson City is currently dysfunctional,” Skelton railed on Republicans and their policies during a rally on Thursday evening at Ashland’s Pizza Haus.

Speaking before a large crowd of supporters, Skelton said Republicans were not getting the job done.

“What Missourians are looking for is better education for their children. The State is offering instead a tax cut. It is a tiny cut. They are blaming the failure of education on communities, but then the state fails to provide the resources to fund those schools.”

Skelton said Democrats were also being more open about government processes. “We have to do better about talking to people honestly about what is happening at state government,” Skelton said.

Funding public education is a priority for Skelton.

“Charter schools are not the way forward in Missouri,” Skelton said. “We have unequal funding and practices for funding our public schools. Charter schools have hit-and-miss levels of success. And their funding takes away from public school funding.”

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By Bruce Wallace