At the recent Southern Boone County Fire Protection District (SBCFPD) Awards Banquet many valuable short and long-term volunteers were recognized for their service to the Southern Boone Community.

Junior Firefighter of the Year – Samantha Brethorst, above with Chief Bullard. Junior firefighters are a special program Samantha is involved with through Southern Boone High School. Samantha’s enthusiasm and hard work made it easy for her to be chosen to win the Junior Firefighter awards this year. Over the past year, Samantha has faced a fear of heights and performed well at several fires. One of those fires was extinguished entirely by Junior Firefighters, including Samantha, leaving more experienced members available to search for victims and manage resources.

Firefighter of the Year – James Davis, at right. Officers select a recipient based upon initiative and commitment to the fire department.

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