On Labor Day weekend, Michela Skelton’s political Facebook page offered simple, but direct logic for voters, utilizing political signage:

Michela Skelton

“If you had this sign,” was the headline above a “Vote NO on Prop A” sign, “You’ll need this sign,” read the caption below the other political sign – a sign for Michela Skelton for the 50th District of the Missouri House of Representatives.

The image was obvious – Skelton and her campaign crew think that the political landscape has changed in the past year – Prop A was defeated by about 67% of the vote – to the point that she believes she can unseat one-term repreesentative Sara Walsh.

Walsh defeated Skelton in the August 2017 special election by a mere 303 votes.

Skelton has since moved to Hartsburg and is optimistic about winning the race for the 50th district the Nov. 6 election.

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By Bruce Wallace