From Monday, Feb. 13th, 2023

2023-24 District School Year Calendar: the first day for students is Tuesday, Aug. 29th, 2023 and last day for students is Thursday, May 23rd, 2024. Students will gradually begin the new school year, attending three days during the first week, four days the second week, and five days the third week of school. Labor Day holiday weekend is extended to four days, from Friday, Sep. 1st to Monday, Sep. 4th, 2023. Two additional days were added to winter break, which runs from Dec. 21st, 2023 to Jan. 2nd, 2024. Spring break will run from March 25th-29th, 2024. Certified staff are offered new “Eagle Hours” flex time, to be used between Aug. 21st, 2023 and Apr. 5th, 2023, which replaces up to seven hours of professional development time with the option to work on or off campus. Visit the district website to view the calendar.

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