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The Library and Media Faculty met with the Southern Boone County School Board at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting on February 19.

Each of the building’s teachers reported on STEAM and reading focused curriculum, resources, and time usage in each school library.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. From Primary through Middle School students engage in problem solving assignments, computer coding, robotics, how to do presentations, learn to do quality research, and library skills.

“We are busy at the Primary School” said Kim Taggart Primary School Librarian. The Primary Library holds six classes per day, with no open time for causal library trips without a class being present.

At the Elementary School, librarian Faith Steelman has a similar class load teaching an average of 101 students a day.

Both librarians are recommending the addition of a Library Aide to split time between the Primary and Elementary School to help with book check in, shelving books, and the possibility of a technology teacher to increase student exposure to technology.

Middle School library students are taking a new step in coding.

“Students are now coming to me with more experience, thanks to their Elementary education. So we are working together to give the students the correct work level” said Julie O’Reilly-Chapman Middle School Librarian.

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By Carson Blake