By: Dr. Don Kuehle

Daylight Saving Time! Spring forward, then Fall backward. DST – bane or blessing? DST – curse or convenience? How much daylight are we actually saving? Are we really saving time? If so, what in the world are we saving time for? Daylight Saving Time – just whose idea was it anyway? Some say that Benjamin Franklin deserves the credit, or the blame, for proposing Daylight Saving Time. Not so! He did write an article for the “Journal Of Paris” proposing that people should get up earlier and go to bed later, thus extending their hours of daylight. Daylight Saving Time was first seriously proposed by William Willett in 1907. The British government did not adopt his proposal. It was the German government who actually put Daylight Saving Time into practice during World War I; DST was observed for 7 months in 1918-1919. After the War, the German people rebelled at the idea, and DST was soon repealed!

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