Ashland City Administrator Lyn Woolford received the most recent sales tax reports on Monday – and it doesn’t look good.

The City of Ashland’s numbers are more reflective of 2015 and are a sharp drop-off from 2016 sales tax receipts.

As a result, Woolford will be holding a job open in his police department.

“We will not replace Nathan right now,” Woolford said of the opening in the police department created by officer Nathan Patterson’s departure to the Boonville Police Department.

Sales tax receipts reported in December for November sales were $21,856, compared to $33,164 last year – a drop of $11,308.

Year-to-date sales tax collections for the City of Ashland is $351,630 compared to last year’s $382,809 – a drop-off of $31,178.

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By Bruce Wallace